13 a 22 Julho 2013, Coimbra – Portugal

The Final Performance!!

Fotor072434731And at last, the culmination of all the work everyone had during this amazing exchange: The final, public (at one of the busiest city squares in Coimbra’s downtown), performance! It had dance, it had animation, it had music, it had a lot of people around, participating, cheering for it and amazed at how everything was so much fun. It had everything! We wish you could all have been there in person! =)

Thank you!


Fado night

fadoWe invited all the participants to attend a typical Fado night in Coimbra. Some may have even shed one or two tears while listening to this very sentimental and passionate music! 😉


DSC_0606The new day starts with the preparation of several different roll-ups to display along with the final performance, in the street. They’ll portray EU citizenship values, and other key ideas on the EU subject.

Disco night!!

foto 3 compressedWe had an amazing night at Planet Rock, a local club in Coimbra. All the group had great fun, danced and laughed all night long, regardless of how well they could dance and of how many people were dancing at the time.

Evening workshop meeting

DSC_0559 (compressed)By the end of the afternoon, the several different groups in the workshop show each other what they created or improved during the day… Each performance is getting notoriously better! =) In the meanwhile, the communication group proved once again to be amazing, by going to the local radio station and talking about everything that is going on. Go team! =D