13 a 22 Julho 2013, Coimbra – Portugal


interaction_logo-02INteraction is a multilateral exchange which will take place in the city of Coimbra from 13 to 23 of June, 2013. This project will have thirty young participants from six countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Norway and Turkey. For nine days we will develop activities related to the European Year of Citizens, also counting with the participation of local organizations.

The activities are planned according with the project’s goals, which are: to raise citizen awareness about their right to live freely in other EU countries, about the benefits of the EU politics and rights; to stimulate the active participation in the process of EU policy-making; to promote solidarity between citizens of different countries, origins and experiences and aslo tolerance between citizens; to promote social cohesion within the European Union, to promote mutual understanding through alternative ways of communication and to stir up the debate about the impacts and potentials of the free circulation of citizens inside the EU.

Interaction means reciprocal action, effect or influence. As the name suggests, we will base our work on communicating , on influencing each other, sharing, developing minds and attitudes. We will work on these subjects with the participants and with the local community through non-formal education techniques, such as energizers, team building excercices, brainstorming, debates, intercultural activities, think tanks, etc.

To reach this goal, we’ll promote the exchange of ideas and creativity, stimulating the development of personal and group skills.

To verify if the goals are being met, there will be daily evaluations made by mixed reflection groups in which participants will be able to make a self-evaluation about the skills they acquired during the exchange. The final results will be presented to the local community.

This project is organized by the Check-IN Associaton – Cooperation and Development together and the Municiality of Coimbra, and it was approved by the National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme.


In an ever increasingly multicultural europe with a mix of cultures, ideas and values, where mobility becomes easier every day, it becomes important to reflect about important matters such as social integration, employment, scholarships and opportinities, sustainability, housing, new policies and services. This exchange aims to:

  • Stimulate the sense of active youth participation on European issues;
  • Stimulate intercultural dialogue amongts youngsters on important European subjects;
  • Cultivate solidarity and cooperation between young people from different nationalities and social backgrounds;
  • Promote learning and the development of new skills through different non-formal eduation techinques;
  • Promote the active participation of young people in the construction of new policies for a better society;
  • Stimulate multicultural and intercultural learning, not only through the exchange’s activities but also through the interaction between different nationalities throughout the project.

By reaching the project’s goals we will be able to:

  • Foment young people’s civic engagement in the community life – we prepared national competitions, open days to the local community, development of youth volunteering, etc;
  • Promote cultural diversity, in the sense that young participants from many different european countries will exchange information about their cultures, but also because we’re expecting a variety of results which will be published on an international level, then being a way of promoting tolerance and ending discrimination.


Day 1 – We will start by getting to know each other and the location where the exchange will be held.

Days 2 and 3 – We want to learn, practice and share information about European citizenship, youth mobility, scholarships and other available programmes, intercultural dialogue and European policy. During these two days the participants will have the opportunity to share and learn about these themes and will count with the support of the local people, who are specialized in the subjects that will be approached.

Days 4 and 6 – These days will be focused on the participants’ creativity and artistic expression based on what they learned during the preparation and first days about European citizenship and free circulation inside Europe. The conclusions will be presented on the 7th day through an open day with the local community, which aims to raise awareness about the subject of this exchange. For these preparation days we will form four main groups (or more, according to the participants’ will) which will perform the following activities: music, street art performance, dance and communication.

Day 7 – Presentation of the final conclusions of the exchange to the local community. These activities will be organized by the participants and will count with the support of facilitators from the local artistic community.

Day 8 – We will dedicate this day to evaluating both the exchange and what the participants learned during the activities. We’ll also be planning a promotion activity, which will take place in a date chosen by the participants. During this day we will also issue the Youth Pass.

For the farewell night we will invite people from the local community, NGO members and other people who worked directly with this project participants.


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The Check-IN Association – Cooperation and Development started as an informal group in January 2009. Formed mostly by young people, with ages raging from 16 to 30 years old which members had a common experience and will to be actively involved in international youth mobility, youth volunteering and non-formal education. The unanimous awareness that the young people’s right to be informed about the opportunities they have in their personal development is still not a reality in Portugal made us more determined in creating the Check-IN Association.

We aimed to become an organization which would focus in a sustainable way on these subjects, especially in regions where young people have less access to information, in a close cooperation with public and private entities – that’s how on April 9th 2010 this organization was born.

International Partners

AGRADO – Italy

OMIX – Spain

Youth for Society – Estonia

Uçarli Gençlik Derneği – Turkey

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